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Danesi Caffè: Our Coffee

The unique flavor of Danesi‘s blends come from continuous relentless and accurate inspections of the raw coffees they are composed by, balancing tradition and innovation and guarantying the highest quality. The quality guarantee of Danesi products comes mostly from people work, added to an innovative use of technology.


Danesi Caffè: Our History

Danesi Caffè is a roman company founded in 1905 by Alfredo Danesi. Expert connoisseur and curator of secret blends, he was one of the first who to spread the culture and the consume of what today is known as traditional espresso dating back at the beginning of last century in Rome.


Danesi Caffè: Our Commitment

And if I told you even with “one cup of coffee at a time” one can get important results and a better future? Yes, it is exactly like that. The choice of our daily coffee can make a huge difference, not only for ourselves, but also for the environment, the communities and for the people in need.