The Moka Pot Brewing Guide 

Moka Pot and Italian Coffee Culture

Named after the Yemen city of Mocha, the moka pot is a stovetop coffee maker that uses pressurized water to pass through ground coffee to brew coffee. It was invented by an Italian engineer named Alfonso Bialetti in 1933, and continues to be a staple in the Italian home kitchen today. 

Brewing Method

Here is one of the many ways to brew with a moka pot!


  1. Fill lower compartment with water until below the valve.
  2. Place the filter basket back on top of the brewer bottom.
  3. Fill the basket with Danesi ground coffee until the top, creating a small mound. 
  4. Screw the top compartment back on brewer bottom. 
  5. Place the moka pot on a low flame. Wait until you hear the coffee bubble, keep until the bubble sound dies down. 
  6. Enjoy your coffee!

Tips and Tricks

Measuring water and ground coffee 
Keep note of the amount of water and ground coffee you use in your brewing, and adjust to preference. This will help with your consistency and development of your own personal moka recipe.
Using hot water in the brewer bottom
Temperature plays a big role in any brewing method. It is best to use hot water when preparing your moka pot before placing it on the stove. The problem with using cold water is that the ground coffee will heat up, affecting the taste of your brew. Make sure to avoid direct contact with the brewer bottom when using hot water, and use a towel to hold the base down when screwing on the top compartment.
Keeping the lid open 
Some people like to keep the lid open so that they know when their coffee is done. You don't want to keep the moka pot on the flame too long after it is done brewing because you will be extracting unwanted flavors. Once you see the coffee bubbling, immediately close the lid, then remove the pot from the open flame. 
Cleaning and maintenance
Make sure to properly clean your moka pot for optimal performance. You can take apart your moka pot, and wash each item (brewer bottom, coffee basket, rubber gasket, top compartment) individually. You can also brew hot water with an empty basket, to properly clean hard to reach places of the moka pot.