Our Italian Partners

Danesi Caffe

Rome, Italy
Roasting coffee the authentic Italian way. 

Since the company was founded in 1905 by Alfredo Danesi, one of the pioneers of Italian espresso culture, Danesi Caffè has been the defender of quality and tradition in coffee roasting. Danesi can be easily associated with a deep coffee culture that is consistent in technique and experience. Maintaining the tradition of authentic and meticulously curated coffee is a promise they will never break.

Today, the company is run by the fourth generation of the Danesi family. Not only do they deliver the same level of quality their predecessors maintained for over a 100 years, but continue to better themselves through new techniques and cutting-edge technology. 

With Danesi’s respectable years in the world of coffee, Pocofino aims to be their bridge from Italy to the Philippines. Being around for more than a century speaks volumes about the unfailing quality and innovation of their coffee, from beans to grounds to espresso pods, and more.

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Caffe Borbone

Naples, Italy

Modern coffee with a traditional flavor. 

Caffe Borbone is your continuous source of innovation and inspiration. Focused on presenting unique and incomparable Neapolitan coffee to the world while experimenting with new technologies, coffee from Caffe Borbone will always be a high-quality experience. 

Caffe Borbone specializes in single serve coffee forms like Nespresso compatible capsules and ESE pods. To take responsibility for the waste produced, the company has made their ESE pod biodegradable from pod packaging to box.

Pocofino offers Caffe Borbone pods and machines that are sure to keep you inspired throughout the day. With culture infused in their coffee, you get that authentic Neapolitan coffee experience wherever, whenever.

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Desenzano del Garda, Italy
Creating the taste of home, one comforting cup at a time.

Ciobar is from Cameo, a family-owned business that offers other families the pleasure of discovering creamy, chocolate desserts. With a sense of comfort present in everything Ciobar does, their chocolate will take you back home.

Pocofino carries Ciobar’s creamy hot chocolate, and irresistible soft serve gelato, both with unmistakable tastes, perfect for any occasion.

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Naples, Italy
A variety of colors with an eye for sustainability. 

Didiesse’s product innovations are redefining the espresso machine game. Because all of their products are made from scratch and thoroughly developed by their homegrown designers and technical office, Didiesse takes pride in each of their machines that deliver truly excellent espresso every time.

The Didi machine Pocofino carries from Didiesse is small and compact with incredibly high performance. These machines come in a wide range of colors that can adapt to multiple settings and lifestyles. On top of their unique aesthetic features, Didi machines can handle large workloads while maintaining low consumption.

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Gima Caffe 

Rome, Italy
Unmatched quality using coffee beans with the best Italian artisanal tradition. 

Gima’s love story started in the early 80s. Since then, the Giuliani family has been cultivating a coffee brand with a mission to pursue the best coffee beans in the world. After almost 40 years, coffee is still at the heart of the Giulianis, whose passion arises from the authentic flavors of tradition.

Allow Pocofino to serve you the taste of Gima: an artisanal taste of the exploration of the world’s finest beans. 

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La Piccola

Brescia, Italy
The finest standard of espresso machines within the smallest footprint.

La Piccola believes that excellent espresso can be made by anyone with their machine of high quality. Every espresso machine is developed consciously and responsibly with the environment in mind. With their durable products that use low energy consumption and clean energy, and the promise of perfect pressure and constant temperature, only espresso of the very best quality will be served.

Pocofino takes part in La Piccola’s goal of spreading real Italian culture and passion. A glorious, luxurious aesthetic with the functional tradition of espresso coffee with a strong ecological mind.

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Lucaffe logo


Brescia, Italy 
Always finding the best aroma for you.

At Lucaffe, coffee is their passion. Serving quality Italian coffee with utmost enthusiasm, Lucaffe wants every sip of their coffee to give customers a smile just like the Lucaffe logo, which represents professionality and good mood. 

Lucaffe specializes in creating a wide variety of ESE pods allowing people all over the world to experience Italian coffee at home. 

Pocofino is ready to bring the Lucaffe experience right to your doorstep. With a variety of ESE Pod flavors to choose from, Lucaffe is sure to be a great companion, ready to cheer you up every sip of the way. 

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